The Youth Development Initiatives (YDI) is a comprehensive co-educational intergenerational youth development program serving youth between the ages 10-18, with a special emphasis on recruitment and intake of youth at the 6th grade level. It is designed to promote health and wellness, build self-esteem, develop leadership skills, and mastery of skills and competencies that foster success in school, the community, and ultimately, in life.

Youth Development Initiatives

These goals are realized by providing an array of prevention services and program activities that are designed to prevent risk taking behaviors including juvenile court involvement, substance use, and irresponsible sexual behavior. Services are provided in the areas of leadership development, educational development, personal growth, community services, and skill development that foster the healthy growth and development of theseadolescents. Both the Pearls Program and the Alpha Institute strive to develop the strengths, skills, and social capacities of the targeted population. The activities and services of the program are conducted by volunteers and/or tutors who hold or who have held responsible professional positions in the community. They develop meaningful relationships with the program participants which subsequently encourages personal responsibility and self-reliance.


    To provide a sound structural program for adolescents to enhance their self esteem, education, leadership skills, and cultural awareness thereby providing them with the opportunity to develop intellectually, emotionally, and socially in order to be successful in this challenging world.


    Many of our mentors are volunteers from a variety of occupational backgrounds that strive to provide the young people with a series enriching experiences to motivate them to become productive, and well-rounded members of our society.